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Thermahood TH 140 Downlight Covers, testing confirms compliance for IP6X — September 13, 2017

Thermahood TH 140 Downlight Covers, testing confirms compliance for IP6X

Independant testing confirms compliance with requirements for ingress protection classification IP6X using Thermahood – TH 140 – Downlight Covers!

Thermahood - TH 140 - 400x336Thermahood TH 140 – for test was fixed in position using Air-tightness tape (DIN 4108-7) 

IP6X - Test detail

IP6X - Test Result

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Thermahood – FAQs -Can I fit insulation over fire rated downlights? — August 11, 2016

Thermahood – FAQs -Can I fit insulation over fire rated downlights?

Can I fit insulation over fire rated downlights?

It is now a requirement of Building Regulations that loft insulation must be continuous, meaning it is no longer acceptable to leave gaps in the insulation around downlights! The answer to this question depends on the type of downlight, some fire rated downlights can be covered directly with insulation and some cannot. The most comprehensive way of addressing this is to fit a fire rated downlight, a LED lamp with a Thermahood downlight cover and then fit loft insulation over this. Using this method you will have the benefit of a fire rated downlight, the energy consumption savings from LED lamps and the protection of Thermahood downlight covers!

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Thermahood – FAQs — August 9, 2016

Thermahood – FAQs

Here we have some of our growing collection of FAQs, we will endeavour to answer these either 1 by 1 or if there are similar we group the answers!

Can I fit insulation over fire rated downlights?

How do I fit loft insulation and light covers?

Can I fit downlight hoods over my basic downlight fittings? (240v – LED bulb)

What is the insulation & downlight regulation?

Are my downlights suitable for insulation?

Will my LED downlights be ok with the ceiling insulation?

Is there LED Downlights and insulation regulations??

Do I need downlight covers?

Can I insulate over my downlights?

We will attach a hyperlink to the question when answered.

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Thermahood Downlight Covers – Easyfit! — June 1, 2016

Thermahood Downlight Covers – Easyfit!

Thermahood Downlight Covers the easy-fit option for electrical installation!

This front elevation of Thermahood gives us a good view of the cable arch at approx 16mm wide which assists with fitting Thermahood without modification.

Thermahood is barcode labelled ready for Wholesale and Retail outlets, less processing time & cost which is welcomed by our customers as these unseen costs can really build up.

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Thermahood Reduce Condensation Risk — May 17, 2016

Thermahood Reduce Condensation Risk

Illustration showing how fitting Thermahood downlight covers can reduce the risk of condensation.

Downlights are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens where the problem can be exaggerated due to production of condensation in these rooms by use of shower or bath and cooking or dishwashers etc!

It is clear in the image how weak the uncovered downlight is in comparison to the Thermahood covered downlight. Missing insulation and draughts around the downlight fitting added to the air circulation that is required in loft (vented roofs) result in condensation being a major risk.

Thermahood is the simple solution to this problem, when fitted Thermahood can be sealed to the ceiling lining to ensure an airtight enclosure around the downlight fitting which enables the loft insulation to be fitted over and around the light, minimising the risk of condensation.

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Thermahood Downlight Cover - Fitted